Sporting Rivals Looking to Score in Cyber Attack

Sports clubs and their stars now need to learn how to practice effective Cyber Self-Defence techniques following an alleged cyber spying attack between Major League Baseball clubs in the States.

It now seems that cyber espionage and hacking has fallen into the realm of what should be friendly rivalry. A news article caught my eye today which suggests that even the world of sport has bought into the dark arts with allegations that the St. Louis Cardinals have hacked into the systems of their rivals the Houston Astros.

It is indeed a worry time when a professional baseball team allegedly seeks to gain valuable information from their rivals using illegal and odious means.

International espionage long ago moved into the cyber realm, with high and low profile attacks against national and international interests a common theme in the press.

Industrial espionage is also now firmly in the cyber spotlight, with nation states and major businesses seeking to gain intelligence on the latest developments of their competitors.

Organised crime and hackers have also regularly sought to compromise the networks and infrastructure of major and minor companies in order to seek out valuable information which can then either be sold or used as a lever to extort the victim.

But now it seems that sporting contest doesn’t start and end on the field of play but is being played out in cyber space.

What we really need to think about is whether this kind of activity in fact widespread? Are major sporting businesses now looking to hack into their rivals in order to gain an advantage – both on and off the field of play? Are individual sports men and women at risk personally from hackers trying to get a glimpse of their communications to their clubs and agents? Indeed, would a club stoop so low as to hack their own players to check they aren’t asking their agent to find another club?

Sports clubs now need to take steps to protect themselves and their team members (both players and back room staff) from the threats posed by cyber criminals. After all it is the weakest link that often lets the team down and causes a loss – just this time its not on the field of play!

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