VisionSecurity Awareness and Cyber-Self-Defence should form an integral part of everyone’s education and on-going personal development at every stage in their lives.


MissionProtecting people from cyber-crime through training, education and awareness.


PhilosophySecure Thinking was formed in 2009 with a view to providing a comprehensive range of IT & Information Security Solutions based on my philosophy that “people are the weakest link but also the best defence“ when it comes to security.

The company focuses exclusively on solutions designed to educate, inform and entertain you in the essential elements of security awareness and cyber self-defence in order to pro-actively protect yourself, your family and your business from the threats posed by cyber criminals.

To achieve this I constantly innovate a range of security awareness and cyber self-defence solutions for use by discerning individuals, businesses and organisations around the world.


Our InstructorsAll course authors and instructors are fully qualified and experienced security professionals who have worked or still work in a hands-on security capacity. My team have experience in a variety of settings including both private industry and public sector organisations, and have exposure to all of the relevant legal, regulatory and international standards for information security and data protection.


Our CoursesAll courses and supporting materials are based on industry best practices and have been carefully designed to develop and instil good security habits in students, ensuring you truly take on board what you have learned and can utilise your new-found understanding in the protection of yourself, your business and your family.


Our CustomersI only work with discerning customers who understand the importance of a truly effective security awareness solution and are looking for more than a “tick in the box” for regulatory compliance purposes.

To be one of my customers you must be looking to embed security at the heart of your team, with a view to truly enhancing your business operations and achieving genuine improvements in security across your organisation.

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