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At Secure Thinking, we come to work every day to solve the biggest problem in a digital world.  Weak Cyber Security.  Business owners don’t know what information and systems they have, how to protect their data, or if they are carrying unnecessary levels of risk.  Technical staff don’t know how to configure systems securely, how to layer defences to reduce the impact of an attack, or how to identify security vulnerabilities.  And users don’t know  how to safeguard data, spot phishing emails, or set strong memorable passwords.

Whatever you refer to it as – Cyber Security, Data Security, Information Security, Data Protection or Privacy  – our mission at Secure Thinking is to help our clients and their team develop and implement effective, practical and proportionate security solutions in order to better protect themselves and their businesses against cyber-crime.

Security Professionals

Secure Thinking was founded by experienced Cyber Security Professionals with a deep knowledge of the subject.

Forward Thinking

We are always looking to improve our services, develop new training techniques and drive industry best practices.

Problem Solvers

Ever evolving attacks mean we have to remain vigilant, focusing on constantly  improving security.

Customer Support

Our customers are our Number 1 priority and we aim to not just please, but actively delight our clients.


Lee Hezzlewood

Founder & Chief Cyber Security Advisor

Having worked in IT and IT Security for over 30 years, Lee has experience in a wide range of industries, including public sector, cloud computing, banking, utilities, IT services, telecoms, and travel.

Jay B


Jay, also known as The Oracle due to his depth of knowledge, is our go-to guy when any of us need an answer to a cyber security, risk or governance issue.

John L


John has vast experience of cyber security and risk management, around both IT and Operational Technologies (PES, SCADA etc) in various industries.

Simon M


Simon is an experienced, all-round cyber security and risk management consultant, with a background in communications and critical national infrastructure.

Bob W


Bob is an experienced cyber security and information assurance consultant, with additional experience in drone security.

Duncan W


Duncan, with corporate consultancy background, has a huge amount of experience as a cyber security, information assurance and risk management professional.

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