Phone Scams
There are a number of telephone or vishing (voice phishing) scams around at the moment targeting people in order to gain access to financial information, bank accounts or computer equipment. These scams are often targeted at the less tech-savvy and more trusting members of society, particularly those over 55, but […]

How to Identify Phone Scams

Sports clubs and their stars now need to learn how to practice effective Cyber Self-Defence techniques following an alleged cyber spying attack between Major League Baseball clubs in the States. It now seems that cyber espionage and hacking has fallen into the realm of what should be friendly rivalry. A […]

Sporting Rivals Looking to Score in Cyber Attack

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority is the body responsible for the regulation of the legal profession here in the UK and the SRA Handbook sets out the standards and requirements that UK law firms are expected to achieve and observe. The SRA has chosen to adopt an outcomes-focused and risk-based approach […]

Solicitors Regulatory Authority – Information Security Guidelines

The world of cyber-security is strewn with examples of major security vulnerabilities, many of which have led to costly and embarrassing security breaches. But where is the greatest security vulnerability, what has caused the vast majority of security breaches and where do we really need to focus our attention? There […]

People are the greatest security vulnerability